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What is Mudd Puddles exactly? First, it started as a simple sand embellishment, but through the years it has expanded to shells, sea glass, sand dollars, starfish, and fish netting. Mudd Puddles is a simple and easy way to embellish any crafting projects.
I must admit I have an obsession with beach vacations. I am a father of five beautiful girls, and the husband to a wife who lives for those perfect beach days. It is our family’s place. The beach is where we have made our best memories. After vacations, we would have tons of pictures, and shells, and sand, but I wanted a way to keep all of our memories in one place. That is why I created Mudd Puddles.
Mudd Puddles sand is fun and simple to use. I use two different techniques to apply the sand. The first is to apply the Mudd Puddles Dry Sand Glue onto your craft. It comes in a squeeze bottle, so spread it as you squeeze. Sprinkle the sand on top, and watch your creation come to life! After the sand settles (which usually takes about 20-30 seconds) shake the excess sand off. With this technique, you can create whatever design you want! Draw pictures, write words, the possibilities are endless! My second technique begins by using the Mudd Puddles Dry Sand Tape. It is two-sided and comes in 12x12 sheets. These can easily be cut using your own scissors, Cricut, or other cutting device. Peel the back of the tape off and place it on your project. Make sure the tape is completely smoothed onto the project then peel the top layer off. Sprinkle the sand on top, shake off the excess and you are finished. It is easy, fun, and most importantly brings your family’s memories to life!